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should i have passed it up? "depot cust" marked rifle

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found M27 1931 tikka that i passed up today. it had a ski trooper front sling attachment....i have never seen one in person before. the stock was a one piece. it had the early nosecap and bolt wings. also had a stock disc. the bolt was remington. the bolt, mag, buttplate, and receiver all matched. all was good until i looked closer at the rifle. on top of the hex receiver was stamped:

and on the left side of the receiver was stamped:

i actually found this marking at and it is from a german depot. i figured it was some bubba gunshop or something when i saw it. i'm kinda regretting it now. the other thing is something just didn't look right on the rifle. inspected it closer and it appears that the barrel and receiver have little wear compared to the barrel bands and nosecap. makes me think it may have been reblued. the bore was pristine. guy wanted $300 for it. am i a moron or is that a proper price?

below is a picture of the marking found on the website.
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No, you did the right thing. Do me a favor, PM me the guy's number, please.

Go back and get it.
I don't know about the caliber marking on the receiver but just the fact that it had an intact stock disc would have prompted me to buy it without hesitation. The Depot Cust stamping is also quite uncommon and unusual. Personally, I'd run back and buy it quickly.
May be a nice price for a matching M27 with brass unit disc. "Ski" config and the non-updated nosecap would be plusses for me also. The "DEPOT CUST" on the receiver is an interesting oddity but would add no additional value for me. Some M27 guys will chime in on whether 1931 is one of the uncommon years or not, I don't remember on that.
No, you did the right thing. Do me a favor, PM me the guy's number, please.

Go back and get it.
your wrong for that. i'm gonna go back. if it is still there then great. if not then there is a gunshow in new orleans tomorrow that i can go to. that's one of the other reasons that i didn't get it is because of the gunshow. could find something there that i really want.
$300 is a good price these days for an M27. With the early nose cap, ski swivel, and stock disc that's a great price. The Depot Cust mark is just gravy and doesn't add near the value that it would if it were one a Russian barreled M91. I've never seen the caliber marking before, but maybe that is German also. The Finns probably refinished the action but not the bands. I wouldn't let that bother me.
today i experienced the single worst experiences of my life at a gun show. the rifle mentioned above was at a local gunshow. i went back there to purchase the rifle and i look the rifle over again knowing i was going to purchasing it. i asked the guy (a different person than before) what the price was. he said $325. ok, $25 before what the said before. i didn't get a chance to make a comment when a friend walked up and said hi. we talked for a couple of minutes and i set the rifle back down in the rack that it was in and i showed my friend a couple other rifles in the rack. we were looking at a krag on his next table when he takes the m27 from the rack and slings it under the table. when i say he slings it, the rifle bounced about a foot off the floor landing under the table and he walks away. now i'm pissed. i wait until he comes back and i asked "what was slinging the rifle all about?" he responded "you were wearing it out looking at it." i told him "i was going to purchase it when my friend walked up to talk." his response was "i'm not selling you anything and i don't want you near my F'ing table." at this time i decided to say a few nice words to him and i walked away. i'm glad i didn't purchase the rifle earlier which would have supported this A-hole. if anybody wants a rifle that was thrown so hard it bounced off the floor and you want to support a grown man acting like this in public, go right ahead. it is at the D'Iberville Military Collectors Show. i also believe the man that he has a gun shop in hattiesburg, mississippi. as for me, i'll spend my money with people that don't act like a frigging child and throw things and i hate to know that people support individuals that act like this.
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Holy smokes!

This just reinforces the adage, "don't put down something you know you want to buy".

What the heck did he mean, "wearing it out looking at it?"

For the sake of the rifle, I hope he didn't crack the wood.
For my next act, I will make this prediction... we will see this rifle pictured on the forum very soon... verrrrryy soooooonnn......
nope, read my above post. it is at the show and can stay there for all that i care.
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