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For those of you who haven'y seen this yet, the tenth annual "Shotgun News Treasury" edition has been out on the newstands for about a week now. Each year, Shotgun news puts out a best-of-the-best collection of articles from the previous year. The articles that the editors chose from 2009 to put into this edition include:

- Weekend Garand
- A Non-Repairable Pistol
- Savage Sniper: Cutting Edge Sniper Weapon System
- Para's Tactical Target Rifle
- AR Mags: Is There a Best?
- Japanese Handguns of WWII
- POF P-308: State of the Art Battle Rifle
- LWRC's M6 Series
- DIY a Practical Tactical AR
- Benjamin's Remarkable Marauder
- Going Short: An SBR Adventure
- Black As the Night: DoubleStar's M1911 Rail Gun
- Another Caliber for Your AR: 5.7x28mm
- PSE TAC-15 Crossbow
- An AR in 7.62x25mm Tokarev
- Les Baer's 1911 Custom Carry
- Building a Rapid Fire Vz-58, Parts 1 & 2
- Lignose Einhandpistole
- EZ AR Accessories
- .25 ACP Vest Pocket Pistols
- Bolt Action Battle Rifles of Scandinavia

There's a little something for everyone in the 220 pages of this year's issue. Plus the multitude of great ads almost justify the $6.99 cover price on their own...

- Randy -
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