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I shot my P 64 again yesterday with 50 rounds of Brown Bear FMJs. 20 yds on sandbag rest gave me a 4 inch group. Then I use a one handed shooting using rt dominant. Two mags in all and I got a tight cluster of approx 5 inches. yes this i s 20 yds and I m not bragging. Then this dude firing his new Rock Island Milspec came over and ask whats that gun? The looks of his face appeared very curious. Oh i said, its a Polish made pocket pistol. He got that bewildered look seeing the accuracy of this small gun.
It was a good day for me . I love the P 64, The more i shoot it the more Im amazed as to how a small pistol like this one can achieve outstanding results. I have somewhat got used to its recoil and will continue to practice my left hand hold .
What did u find out on your P 64 experiences.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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