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I just picked up the Type 1 shown in the pictures below. It is complete with the Kanji marked sling and 28 7/8” cleaning rod. I never owned one before (they never interested me the way Arisakas did), but I couldn’t pass this one up with the sling and rod. However, what is weird about this one is that it has what looks like a replacement butt plate that is made out of copper! The butt plate doesn’t look like a home made job (it is well finished and an excellent fit, and the top is bent forward and tapered just like the regular Carcano butt plate). I looked at McCollum’s book and MROJ, and they say that some Type I’s had the butt stock shortened by 1” to allow for the smaller stature of the Japanese. McCollum says that the shortened butt stock Type I measures 49 ½” while the unshortened Type I measures 50 ½”. Mine measures 49 ½” so I believe it must be one of the shortened ones. I can’t imagine why anyone who brought this back would have shortened the butt stock and, if they did, would have made a replacement plate like the one on there now. Can anyone out there enlighten me on the shortened butt stock story in general and on this particular butt plate? Thanks.

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