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Shooting the K31 and use of the sling

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Especially for Guisan, do you have any pictures of Swiss competitors using the K31 in competitions? Do they typically use slings? The way the sling is attached on the side makes it difficult to hold it steady. Or is it just me? I don't think I have seen a picture of a competitor using a K31 sling. I have seen some mention of replacing the barrel band with a 1903 band so the sling would be attached on the bottom and make it easier to use the sling in shooting. I am almost tempted to try this on one of my K31s.
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The method Bob has demonstrated requires attachment only at the forward swivel. Lefties can do the same in reverse. Flipping the band so the bow is on the right is optional. Some would consider it better to leave it on the left and apply the conventional half-twist to the sling before inserting the arm, a detail you'll notice Bob has intentionally omitted for the right-hand shooter with the left-side swivel.
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