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Shooting the K31 and use of the sling

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Especially for Guisan, do you have any pictures of Swiss competitors using the K31 in competitions? Do they typically use slings? The way the sling is attached on the side makes it difficult to hold it steady. Or is it just me? I don't think I have seen a picture of a competitor using a K31 sling. I have seen some mention of replacing the barrel band with a 1903 band so the sling would be attached on the bottom and make it easier to use the sling in shooting. I am almost tempted to try this on one of my K31s.
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I like the Bob S. method with web sling

I put the spring steel hook on the wrong end of the US GI web sling, and hook that on the barrel band loop on the side of the rifle. It works well every time.

People talk about replacing the K31 barrel band (loop on left side of the rifle) with a barrel band from a 1911 rifle or carbine (loop on bottom of the rifle). I do not feel handicapped with it on the left side of the rifle. The results from Camp Perry this year:

Of at least as much importance in getting the K31 to shoot well, have the front action screw as tight as you can get it, the screws on the barrel bands loose enough that the bands rattle a small amount, and experiment with the tightness of the rear band until you find where the rifle shoots well. See here:

From what Guisan tells us, the Swiss shoot/shot K31 rifles with everything tight. That did NOT work for me. Also, re the Swiss sling, I'd rather use NO sling than that thing.

Finally, if you are age 40+, you need Optometric intervention to see the front sight. I have glasses with the right lens focusing on the front sight (optical center high up on the lens), and left lens focusing on infinity (where the target is).

Christopher Dingell
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