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shooting rifled slugs with fixed chokes.

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Hi, just a quick question about shooting rifled slugs through smooth bore shotguns with fixed chokes. I heard that shooting them with screw in chokes is a big no no. I have a 70's baikal SxS 12ga. It is choked 1/2 and full. My mate gave me a pkt of federal 1oz hollow points but don't know if i should risk damaging my gun. cheers.


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I have a 20 gauge 870 w/ factory modified choke. I inherited it from my dad. When I received the gun, the gun shop told me not to run slugs through it. Somebody else told me it should be fine, so I don't know? Contact the manufacturer and see what they say, at least that would be my advice. I need to do the same with Remingtom.

Good Luck,

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