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I have decided to import this simply because of the strikingly beautiful photographs - and because of plain envy for such a range ;-). Carcano

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Posted - 06/05/2007 : 2:02:50 PM

Now, some may call me crazy, some call me nuts, but I have a very distinct love for Swedish Mausers, the 6.5x55 cartridge and all things old and graceful. I found this 1915 Carl Gustof m/96 at the gunshow with Soderin sights installed. The only bad part is the bore is getting a bit thin at the front and rear and the stock disc shows it (it's been marked from a 2 to a 3, meaning it would have been rebarrelled at the next arsenal overhaul for the old girl had she not been surplussed instead).

A fellow shooter was generous enough to lend me his Hunter Sako last year and it performed very well. Another shooter lent me a Standard rifle this year but I couldn't get the loads to fit well (tight chamber) so I decided to bring the old girl for a spin around the course anyhow.

Missoula Silhouette Regionals fire 4-40 shot matches (2 Standard, 2 Hunter - everything is off-hand). So long as the sun is light or angled well or if there is some shadow, I can make out the animals on the range. But in the late evening, the sun is on them and they completely blur right into the background. This is made worse, or course, by the diopter sights which reduce the amount of light and you see even less. I found myself many times having to count over from an animal I could discern and estimating where the bugger should be.

Anyhow, I fired her for three matches (someone lent me a Hunter rifle for the fourth match just so I could try something that costs 10x what I paid for the Swede. Heh heh. It was well appreciated as it was getting near impossible to see the targets by the end of day two...)

I fired a 12, 13 and unbelievable 18 with the old girl, now nicknamed the Missoula Monster. That 18 was with me taking 7 Turkeys of all things! Her performance allowed me to take 2nd Place in Single-A Aggregate for Standard Rifle at Regionals.

Below are some pics of what the scene was like putting this beauty through her paces. Enjoy!

The course. Here's a fellow shooter taking aim and I've marked the distances to the targets.

Here's the old girl as she sits waiting to take on the 500m Rams with my Ram loads (140gr SMK over 43.0gr of IMR-4350).

A zoom view of the targets down range for the taking.

What it all looks like when you put it all together.

There is no "I" in team, but there are two in commission!
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Posted - 06/05/2007 : 2:55:15 PM
Wow, I love the range you have. I can only dream of belonging to such a club.

Posted - 06/05/2007 : 3:00:21 PM

Thanks for sharing! Great pics from a great day!! Wouldnt mind myself to have access to such a range .....

Posted - 06/05/2007 : 6:04:58 PM

Yes, that would indeed be a fun place to shoot. It is always more fun with reactive targets. Now, if you can just get those turkeys to strut across that berm while your popping off shots at them, that would be great fun. I expect at 385yrds off hand they probably already look like they are moving. Great shooting and thanks for sharing. This is yet another reason I want to move to Montana. WIDE open spaces. One of these September's on my bi-annual bow hunts for Elk I may just stay out there........
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