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Posted - 12/06/2006 : 01:48:40 AM

I just picked up some new family members last night--a 42 and forty four fsr rifles with the serials to prove it--the really cool thing is that the serial number on the 44 is 702922--one of the last 50 made. Appears unissued. Will do pictures when I get time.

The question I have has to do with the third gun that arrived--a 1943 fsr gun with what I had been told was a hauges--wasn't it is a hooka. I have a loose hooka, but faced with a mounted one, it isn.t clear to me exactly how it works. Guess you turn the big wheel on the right for elevation--what is the screw on the top right--is it a locking screw? And how about the windage--the sight looks new, but can't get the windage to move--is that locked in some way? Can't find my loose hooka to even play with at the moment--thus the stupid questions. Help appreciated!

Posted - 12/06/2006 : 05:44:04 AM

The screw on top is for adjusting to the zero elevation without moving the large elevation wheel set at 100 . The windage is click adjustable ( ball detent ) & no lock . There are several variations of the Hooka sight . Some have a locking screw in the front for the elevation wheel . I have seen 2 differant elevation wheels , one with 360 degree increments & another with only about 90 degrees of increments on the face of the wheel . There are several differant pointer locations for the elevation wheel . All have a small adjustable set screw that bottoms out at 100 on the elevation wheel . I have seen several differant apertures on these .
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