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Got it out of lay-away yesterday,took it apart to clean and inspect.
It`s a 1943 tula and all numbers match, no electro pencil.
The stock seems to be the original, it has the patch where the mount was.
There are two sets of shims in the stock,as seen here:

I`m assuming that this is an accurizing method.
Any info?
Also, as I had asked earlier, the pins holes do not go through the receiver like my izshevsk did.

Thanks in advance for any info on the stock shims.

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Stock shims are fairly common on 91/30 rifles. Not limited to PU snipers but part of the refurb process to obtain a good fit on the stock.
Tula rifles seem to often have the pins not completely drilled through the receiver as most Izhevsk rifles do. Enjoy your ex-PU.
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