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This is the upper part only of a Carcano set trigger assembly (different types exist). The receiver components thus, distinct from the (not pictured) trigger guard components.

I have a similar set at home.

Photos were taken by Andy_P (of Swedish 8x63mm fame: ), and I saved the remaining one pic of three from the old trader's board: - 2.jpg

And I also use the suitable opportunity to cut-and-paste a second thread:

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Posted - 03/17/2005 : 10:04:45 PM
Looking for advice here. I am working on a project that will hopefully see a double set trigger installed in a 91/38 Carcano. Please see pics below. As the triggers assemblies are physically different I am wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a website, article, or just plain old advice that may help (ie. by the looks of the triggers this is not just a swap and go scenerio). Note - I am not going to bubba the rifle for this installation. I am just looking for a way to install the double triggers in a painless fashion.

(Pics no longer present)

Posted - 03/17/2005 : 10:38:39 PM
It is obvious that you are missing the other (receiver) half of the trugger mechanism, ie, the sear and sear spring parts.
Without them, you have NO chance of doing anything with any Carcano receiver. Obviously, from the way the Stecher (Italian/German term for double set strigger mechanism)is made, it requires a specially made sear block and spring, qi\uite different from the GI design Military trigger mechanism.

Maybe someone with a complete double set trigger Carcano can show you phots of the Missing Parts??? I would be interested as well.

Most "Stecher" fitted Carcano rifles were After market, either for Mountain Hunting (Chamois) or for precision Target Shooting; to this end, the TSN did supply such rifles for Italian International Shooting Teams in the pre-WW I period.

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics

Posted - 03/21/2005 : 12:31:50 AM
You will need a "Kicker" to trip the sear. I made the unit by cutting up a stock trigger to fit. I then made a rocker. I copied a sporter that I had. The process was not that hard and could be done by hand with a file and a lot of patience. I enclosed a photo of the finished unit. Good Luck.

Picture no longer there
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Posted - 03/21/2005 : 12:41:14 AM
Here is another photo from a different angle.
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