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The serial number on the bolt was EP'ed (electro-pencil). This is not uncommon on refurbished Mosins. From a collector's standpoint, EP'ed numbers aren't preferred but there isn't anything incorrect about them either. Refurbed is refurbed.

Chances are the head space is just fine, especially since the bolt number matches the serial number on the barrel. I check the headspace regardless, but I haven't found one out of spec yet, and many guys don't check them at all.

Beyond that, you can certainly find M91/30's for less than $119. Try to talk the shop down if you decide to go with rifle there. There are sponsers of this board that sell them for less, but you'll have to figure in shipping and transfer fees, if necessary.

Spend some time here, as well as and There is a wealth of information on Mosins available between these 3 places.

Good luck on your purchase and welcome to Gunboards!
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