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September 1965 Trapper Lyx

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Well I finally got her all cleaned up as she was pretty dirty. Here are some new pics below. Mine has a side safety as well as a non-hinged floor plate. Not sure if the safety was done at the factory or not? The rear cocking piece has also been removed like my CG-63. It looks as though the bolt may have been reworked at some point. Bore looked pretty good until I scrubbed it up. Now it looks gorgeous! On the barrel is the rune on the side and .30-06 stamper directly behind the fixed rear site. There is also a Crown/C and "T A" stamped just forward of the rear site. Not sure what the "TA stands for. Any thoughts?
Since there has been some debate on the strength of the 96 action for 30-06, I'm a little hesitant to take her out. I imagine today's 30-06 loads are a little warm as compared to those of the 60's. I'll have to put together a few mild rounds when I get some brass lined up and try her out.
So have we come to the consensus that there was not an "Employees rifle" just a Trapper, Trophe, and Trapper Lyx?

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My listing has the .30/06 sitting at 60,000psi. This rifle is also chambered for the 8x57 Mauser, which has a pressure ceiling of 57,000psi. I was surprised to see these virtually Model 96's chambered for the '06. However, factory 9.3x62's are also CIP spec'd at 57,000psi as-are 7x57 Mausers. I'd have no trouble shooting my own handloads as I can control the pressure. As to factory- that's up to you. I've never heard of one of these M96's in .30/06 blowing up or killing it's owner.
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