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Recieved my long awaited semi auto DP from Military Gun Supply. Shipped in a sturdy plywood box my 01 FFL destroyed in getting it out. Glad they did not use a cardboard box!
The DP looks very nice. The bipod was missing however.Took it directly to the range.
First off,set it on a rest and wiped the barrel and gas system down to remove any oil or grease.
Noticed the front sight was very loose on the base.Poor fit.
Loaded two VKT marked pans. First one w/ Hungarian LPS (light ball) ammo and second w/ the Bulgarian brass case 50's dated stuff from SOG. Checked all ammo first for possible cracked necks,loose bullets,etc.
Ran first pan,slow fire at first,the some rapid. Function was flawless. Checked target and allowed the piece to cool a bit.Ran a spit patch down the bore.
Second pan worked fine as first,some of the Bulgarian brass had split necks after firing,not uncommon.
Darkness prevented further testing. Home for a GOOD cleaning.
Very ingenious redesign . Aside from loose front sight,good workmanship.Fixed front sight w/ soldered on brass shims.
Went to range four days later w/ brother for further tests. All firing done at 100 yards.
Rans 2 pans of Hungarian,two pans of Bulgarian and one pan of Albanian. Only one problem,Albanian ammo did not chamber properly,improperly sized round most likely. Have had problems w/ Albanian ammo before in Mosins.
Cooled barrel w/ compressed air between pans.Wiped bore w/ spit patch between pans. Accuracy was a bit better,shots could be kept inside dinner plate w/ rapid fire.Front sight still a bit loose,will solder another shim on it.
Overall,very happy w/ the semi DP. Brother commented it is very cool piece to shoot.
Workmanship good(other than front sight),neat original design and very smart redesign.
Only suggestion would be some sort of bolt hold open to make it easier to load. Difficult to load full pan on top of open bolt. Noticed also the the barrel is fixed to reciever ,not removable as is original.Probably done for liability/function issues. Still,it would be nice to be able to change barrels.
Still have NOT recieved bipod from MGS. They forgot to include it. A friend of mine had same issue. No bipod,had to call them and have them send one.I called them the day after reciept and was told they would send one.This was two weeks ago. Anyone else have a similar problem? Will call again. Paid a lot of $$ for this weapon,would like the bipod that goes w/ it.
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