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In addition to informing the USPS authorities and LEAs in his jurisdiction you might want to consider contacting the Attorney General's office (or equivalent) in his state with particulars and documentation. Since there is 'Interstate Commerce' here, there might even be some leverage to be had through DoJ. As was said, BATFE would likely be interested should the seller be an FFL holder.

If you have a home or business address other than a POB number, a Certified letter detailing your specific demands for redress and prospective actions in the event they are not met or should he fail to respond should get his immediate attention.

The main leverage you get with the credible threat of criminal charges is that, once initiated, he must know that their potential for rigorous prosecution is no longer dependent upon your personal perseverance or financial resources.

If that doesn't elicit some relief, follow through and file charges everywhere you can think of. Betcha he comes around real fast once he finds himself up to his neck in .gov lawyers.
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