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You have a very nice, standard-issue Soviet military flap holster. Most of the variations in these holsters are in the belt loops, clasps, and pull-out cords. They can be either completely stitched or riveted, or a combination of both.

There were also variants in the flap construction. After the vinyl holster was replaced with the leather one, these had a full integrated flap. However, this was changed to a separate stitched flap to conserve leather.

The Soviets had twin-stitched belt loops until 1977, when it was converted to twin-riveted ones. It was eventually superseded in 1983 by the single, large stitched belt loop, until last year of production in 1993. Only in the last year was the leather shade changed, thinned, and texture modified to a pebble one.

Yours seems to be a completed stitched version with double belt loops separate flap, and stitched pull-cord. These are very collectable and quite cheap. Get them while you still can!
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