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Posted - 01/05/2004 : 3:04:08 PM

Dear database contributor [deleted],
my email to your indicated address bounced, but I remember that you have participated in this forum. So, upon reading this message, kindly contact me directly or here: thanks !

* * *
Dear contributor,

many thanks for adding your Fucile M 91/41 to the Carcano database on 26th December 2002. I have received the data from Gaetano today on 5th January 2003.

Your gun puzzles me a bit. "QC" would be the telltale prefix for an Armaguerra Cremona production from 1943. However, the early number QC 41 (repeated on the stock) we would not have expected to stand solitarily, without an indication of the manufacture "Armaguerra Cremona" on the barrel shank (receivers as such are always unmarked). Also, it should bear the date 1943-XXI, and the additional signs "RE over crown" and "4 UT in oval".

Could you kindly check again ?

Many thanks for your kind efforts,

Alexander Eichener
Email: [email protected]
Carcano Website:
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