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he traded me a nice MODEL B...S&W...243 a model i didn't have in a 1900 action
.... and i traded him a grade 2 Carl Gustaf grade 2 as new stock.....
he's a true gentleman to trade with.....fair, kind and honest, a decent man of his word!:thumbsup:

he ate a REAL country baked chicken dinner, mushrooms and brown rice at my table.......

...we went through two gun safes....showed him all my husky jewels....and other guns not for this site.

i also gave SD a BIG box of copied researched materials on Husqvarna and Carl Gustaf with information, pictures, (like i gave you when i was writing my article early 1990's...many years ago... Steve)...

just maybe he will post some of the good stuff here!(
as you guys know i don't know how!)

i put the B 243 barreled action in a stock intended for 300 mag....
only difference is: "the wood to fit down both sides of the barrel, a little loose" difference in contour 300 mag to 243 AND a B LENGTH barrel ....(like you would have if you free floated a BARREL)....

i'll check every thing out closer much later, recoil lug fit to finish, etc!

if you ever trade huskies with him you'll find out the same...... a man of integrity!<><dk
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