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I'm convinced that the "dished out area" just behind the rear sight is an attempt to solve the high shooting often associated with M91s, especially when (front) sights are swapped around. It often allows the rear sight slider go down a bit further. Just too deep, at too steep of an angle, and usually not all of the stamping is removed.
Seen on some Balkan, Finn, and SCW.

I'm curious as to why only some, and not all rifles had this done. Usually rifles are considered too important to let some armorer do whatever he felt like doing, without specific instruction from way higher up. And conscripts grinding on government property was likely frowned upon.

Soviets and Finns seem to have scrubbed barrel shanks at refurbishment to re-stamp information, like serial numbers and dates. Mostly on 91/30s I think.
I have a couple of Soviet refurb 91/30s with sanding on the side, and underside of the shanks, presumably to improve the fit of the barreled action into the stock(?)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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