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I bought this all matching M48 rifle a while back and it doesn't have any markings whatsoever. Only had the matching serial number on the right side receiver, bolt handle, stock, floor plate, triggerguard. Came with a matching bayonet, ammo leather pouch, a round brass colored two chamber oil container and other cleaning materials. Total cost $250. Almost in unused condition I would think. Has those triangle and "M" looking proof marks on all the metal parts and stock.

Anyway what's up with this? No markings? Bluing looks original and I can't find any grinding marks on the receiver. Bro has the cam so I can't take pics.

I bought this Mauser because the absence of any crests etc was interesting to me and price was kinda cheap too.

Any more info on this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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