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Not the first time I've stumbled on something rare and mislabeled for cheap but I am conflicted as to what I should do with this rifle. I'll post pics when it's in hand but the 88/24 is in a sporterized (very well done though, maaaaybe factory?) stock but all the metal is unmolested (aside from the front two bands missing due to the stock mods). I have had a few idea's running through my head.

1. I can cannibalize an 1888 for it's stock and bands and modify them to fit, more reasonable of an option now that RTI brought in beater 88/90s. Can't imagine the Belgians did much different when they made these.

2. Should I remove the original flat style mosin sight and base, replace it with a later konovalov base and leaf, keep it as a neat sporter and make more than what I paid of that early mosin sight alone.

3. Do nothing, use it with downloaded 8mm as a cool hunting rifle.

Any opinions on the matter? Photos will come eventually
1 - 3 of 3 Posts