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Scored 2 NCO leather tassels from eBay! All I need is one more, without tassel to deck-out my Type 95 collection.

One is clearly shorter than normal, at 11 inches. Someone speculated that it looked like it might have been broken and re-stitched. I concur. The stitching looks legit and it only has 1 buckle-hole vs the 3 on the one of standard length.

Pics below. They are both old and fragile, though the long one is darker and appears to have been coated with a leather oil. It is still fragile and shows cracks when you bend it.

The one from China worried me. I could have sworn it was coming from Japan, but when the package arrived, it was from China! After close examination, it is clearly legit. So just backs up someone's statement that there are true collecters in China too
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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