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Scope question, I disremember

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The 99 cutback scopes were the only ones to have "99 No 12345" or were the Kokura 2.5x units also marked. It's been too long since I broke up my sniper collection. Ruth's putting labels on photographs so a quickie response would be appreciated.
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Got it, Thanks Vic, now, on 99 sniper receivers with an extra character crudely stamped between the "Type 99 and the opening, I remember writing something about this, but "disremember, " By chance were these Kokura 99s that were "transferred" to Nagoya or...?
Yes, I had theorized years ago when I first noted the removal and restamping of the original SNs on the Kokura 99 snipers and the adding of the character below the Shiki 99 that when Nagoya began 99 sniper production the Kokura 99 sniper stock was transferred to Nagoya and it was there the SNs/logos were moved from forward of the mount to the receiver top. I finally located this in an old article I wrote for B'zai.

You misunderstood my first question, when I noted "99No12345," I wasn't talking about a scope # or #s produced, the 12345 was merely an approximation of a number. I didn't remember if all 2.5 power scopes for both the Kokura and cutback 99 had the 99N0... or just the cutbacks. Excluding the Biak 97 I haven't owned one in years (excluding the midget submarine Type 99 carbine sniper and the Type 4 paratroop carbine sniper with the 4x ext.adj. scope)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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