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Got this letter from a friend in Texas who just took a journed to South Carolina to visit with friends. Friend happened to be head of the Democratic Party there. Here is part of his letter.

"Charleston is another world, and we were greeted by the head of the Democrat Party for Charleston County, and stayed with them--talk about another world--I won't dwell on it, but they have a completely different world vision than anything I've ever even thought of, or imagined.

Friday and Saturday was nothing but a playground for me--the South Carolina legislature declared a tax-free weekend for firearms and ammunition, attached as a rider to energy efficient mechanisms. Actually, guns really do a bang-up job, energy efficient wise, so I thought the State Legislature of South Carolina was really in the well-informed mix of things. The result was that we went to five or six gun shops and it was like standing in line for free cheese, or perhaps a Green Bay Packer-Minnesota Vikings game. Standing room only, on TV and in the newspaper, and literally thousands of folks in the gun shops. The next day, we attended a gun show in Charleston, and I would be wrong in estimating less than 20,000 attendees. Before we even got in, for a fee of $7.00 a head, men were walking out past us to their vehicles with dollies with several thousand rounds of ammunition. We got in there and could hardly move around--the only things selling were short semi-automatic urban defense weapons and ammunition. So, with perhaps 10,000 people in the hall, and unable to move, we left. As we drove away from the place, the lines of cars to get into the event were more than two miles in length, so, the watchword of the day was that Obama's election really has stimulated the economy, at least as far as semi-automatic weapons and ammunition sales are concerned. Any, by the way, I know prices, and they were up at least 20% over what they were just one week before the election."

Having just gotten back from Pheonix I can say the samed buying was going on there. riceone
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