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Savage 93 - 22 magnum review

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Picked up a Savage 93 FXP recently, could not pass up the price at Gander Mountain. It came with a mounted and bore sighted Bushnell 3x9 scope. A total of 10 rounds were used to sight the scope in at 100 yards and then I spent the rest of the afternoon shooting a vairety of .22 magnum loads. Overall a very enjoyable 45 degree winter day, a VERY unusal Michigan Feb day.

Here is basically what I found. The rifle is a polymer stocked rifle with a simple non-adjusting trigger, no iron sights and a nice matte blue finish. The Bushnell scope is easy to use and sight in, no problems with it whatsoever, nice thing was it even has seethrough scope covers, a nice touch I thought. Overall the rifle is very accurate with a variety of loads, and I encountered no problems with it whatsoever.

The 5 round box magazine is easy to remove, load and insert, once you get used to the magazine catch which is a bit different than other .22s I have had, but it is sturdy and large which should be nice to use with gloves. I plan on getting a few more magazines for it, especially since my first intended use is going to be to clear out some coyotes at a cousins house. Another nice touch were the included sling swivel studs which will make it a breeze to add a sling for carrying lots of field gear at the same time.

The only possible negative I found is its size. The rifle is a bit on the smallish side overall, I am a rather large man and it was just on the good side of smallish, someone larger might think it is a bit too short and small.

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