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I am doing a little homework for some good-shooting reloads for my SAR-48. What I found posted here is that inch and metric FAL's seem to have a barrel twist of between 1-10 and 1-11. I have just checked mine 4 times using a tight patch, and it consistantly comes up at 1-13+ twist. Mine has never seemed to "like" the 168 and 173 match bullets, I have some M-118 Special Ball (173 gr, boattail) and it doesn't shoot all that well in it.
So, has anyone else ever heard about the SAR-48, sold by Springfield Armory, with an Imbel reciever, having a really slow barrel twist? Also, what are the common twist rates of the M14/M1A, the M1, and other various military .308's?

Anybody have any good 125 grain recipies they want to share? Thanks for any input or links!!!

EDIT FOR BONEHEAD MISTAKE: I dug around and found the original FN published tech manual I forgot I had, and it calls out the rifling twist rate at 1 in 11.9 inches, and double checking it with a patch it (now?) seems right.
Just for further info, I checked some other .30 caliber battle rifles for twist rate as follows:
M1 Garand : 1 in 10
M39 Finn : 1 in 9.5
M1917 : 1 in 10
K31 Swiss : 1 in 11
No4 Enfield : 1 in 10

Still looking for a good 125 grain FAL load!!!
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