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I got a 800 round case( 2 400 rnd cans) about 4 months ago. It was 90% 1942 headstamp with a mix of other 1940's dates. I shot less then 200 rounds and then sold the rest. I made sure the buyer knew there was going to be a lot of click boom. It was the worst batch of surplus 303 I have ever bought, I haven't tried POF nor do I plan to. It's probably not bad to plink with and it worked better after sitting in the sun and getting warm. I don't shoot as often as i would like to and this ammo wasn't any fun to shoot, too much click boom and accuracy was lacking as well. My $.02
Others have ordered 1,000 round cases and got 52 headstamp ammo which has gotten good reports. Don't know if it is luck of the draw or the cases size that determine what they send you. I bought 800 rounds of Privi from AIM and will reload when it's all shot up.
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