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OT and possible blasphemy...
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Printed on: 09/11/2007
Topic author: Pettson
Subject: OT and possible blasphemy...
Posted on: 11/12/2005 2:23:15 PM

Somewhat off topic this time, but only a little to the east. Got this neat little gun a while back, to accompany me and the dog...
But at least it is a scandinavian gun. The dog, by the way, origins from the same country...

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Reply author: kriggevaer
Replied on: 11/12/2005 2:48:13 PM

Ooooh, that is a very handsome little rifle. A nice walking rifle. I couldn't make out the model number in the photo, but would guess that is an L46. Can you shoot the head off of a grouse with it yet?
Since a moderator has admitted to having a Finn sporting rifle, I won't be so shy about stating I like the early Sako rifles very much. Actually, I like all Sakos and have several.
Reply author: sbhva
Replied on: 11/12/2005 11:18:39 PM

We have bent the rules before and allowed discussions of other "Scandinavian" arms kriggevaer! I believe you were involved in a couple of threads about Schultz and Larson rifles. Now Sako's, what is next - Varberger???? But, I will draw the line at Win-Scan arms!!!!!!!!!! Consider yourself warned.
Reply author: kriggevaer
Replied on: 11/12/2005 11:57:48 PM

Oh man - busted! Well, I guess I need to find that Husqvarna chambered in .358 Norma Mag for my penance. Not even Finnish Lynx straight pulls? They have a Swedish version of their website.....

Välkommen till Lynx gervärets hemsida. Det finländska Lynx geväret har planerats av den kände finska vapensmeden Torsti Laaksonen. Vapnet tillverkas för hand av Pirkan Ase Oy, i Finland. För vapnets export och marknadsföring ansvarar Oy K. Hjorth Ab. Vapnet finns både som tävlings-och jaktutförnade. Det unika låset gör det möjligt att ladda ett nyt skott mycket snabbt, nästan lika snabbt som med ett halvautomatgevär. Lynx låsmekanismen och vapnen är patenterade.

Reply author: larsluthor
Replied on: 11/13/2005 02:16:44 AM

son of a gun... you found one in 7x33... next you will be showing us a 7.62x39...!!!
I have been looking for one each of those two calibers for near well as a 23.5 inch Bofors barreled 7x57 mauser sako!!
not easy to find... for reasonable money..
Please tell me how she shoots?? and what loaded ammo have you been able to find for 7x33?? have you reloaded any ammo yet?? if so what were your loads!?
can't tell from photo... but is that Rhimaaki a mannlicher or sporter?
I have a very nicely custom stocked 222 Rem Mag from FLAIG's that a fellow had done back in the late 60's...nicely done fully checkered Niedner steel buttplate, 26 or 28 lines per inch wrap around checkering...light rosewood grip caps and forend cap...I stole the rifle from the fellow...a friend at that time actually... for a measely $350US...because he couldn't readily find ammo for it!!!
sorry for the of track there... but Sako's are also fine fine rifles.. especially the older ones..Thanx for showing the 7x33..
Reply author: Pettson
Replied on: 11/13/2005 10:42:08 AM

She groups at abut an inch, maybe one and a half, at 100 meters with Sako factory ammunition. I will bed the recoil lug area, as the fit there seems a bit generous. I will also replace that beat up old Bushnell for something more suitable.

There is only one option for factory ammo, as far as I know, and that is Sako. They make two loads, one FMJ and one soft point. Both are 78 grainers and loaded to the same velocity, so their POI is the same. At least in my rifle.

The same goes for components, Sako brass and bullets is what's available. They are smewhat costly though... And it seems like Sako's producing these batch-wise, rather than continuously, so dealers run out of them from time to time. But I'm working on stocking up on the stuff...
I am also considering getting a bullet mould that drops a similar bullet.
Other lightweight 7 mm bullets could perhaps be used, but would probably not fit into the magazine, and may or may not cause problems with the slow twist.

I haven't loaded anything for her myself yet, as I'm still waiting for Huntingtons to deliver my dies.


Reply author: Pettson
Replied on: 11/13/2005 11:12:58 AM

Well, let's just call it the "Scandinavian Firearms Forum" then, shall we?
I do like the older Sako rifles also.
But Steve, Varberger is made in Sweden, so that should be OK...
Oh well, since I've started off down the wrong path anyway, here's the latest lightweight offering from Varberger;

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And the latest model from Schultz & larsen, the "entry level"

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This is just a temporary confusion, so don't get your hopes up. I'm not planning on selling any Husqvarnas...

In fact I'm working on an update for the shotgun section. When I'll have the time to wrap it up, only heaven knows.

Reply author: Umimmak Torulleq
Replied on: 11/13/2005 12:45:55 PM

You propably allready know this, but if not, here is what I found in Kvales books about 7 x 33: Nazigermany made a shortversion of their 7,92 x 57 with the holster shortened to 33 mm. It became quite popular with their troops. Nonetheless there wasn't really space enough for enough gunpowder and the germans had to use specielpowder that gave it tremendous high pressures so that they needed to load it in steelholsters. It was this cartridge that made the finns experiment and develop 7 x 33. It became known as lapp-bössa, due to it's popularity in northern Finnland and Sweden. Since the caliber had been reduced from 7,92 to 7 mm, it now no longer had any trouble with capacity in the holster. Later the russians developed the 7,92 x 33 even more and designed their own 7,62 x 39 for the AK 47.

But congratulations with your find and don't hesitate to keep us informed to it's use!

As far as I know Finnland though isn't a part of Scandinavia! But "only" of North Europe! There is an old expression that I came over resently: Fenno-skandisk, that means of scandinavian and/or finnish origin. Othervise one can say Norrøn, which also means of Northeuropean origin, but unlike fenno-skandisk this includes Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands too!

But otherwise I certainly share your love for finnish guns (and Finland) and certainly I consider them to be our "brothers in arms".
When working with finnish soldiers I discovered that they have a pumpgun as sidearm for sentries, in stead of their usual Kalashnikovs. So far I though haven't found out whether the pumpgun is finnish or imported? Tikka once sold pumpguns, but I think they actually were italianmade? Perhaps Valmet?

Well, good luck with the Sako anyhow!

Best Umimmak Torulleq
Reply author: sbhva
Replied on: 11/14/2005 08:47:28 AM


You should have told me!!!!! I saw a 7x33 fullstock at Tulsa in very nice condition. I don't remember the price, but it was probably typical Sako. If it had been "cheap" I would have considered buying it myself.


My mistake, I thought Varberger were made in Norway.
Reply author: LeeSpeed
Replied on: 11/15/2005 08:53:26 AM

What a find!!

Always thought those little guns were dandy's!!

I gave up looking long ago and bought a CZ 527 in 7.62x39 and what a great rifle that is. A real killer even on deer and so handy to carry as well. No question why the 7x33 is appreciated by the Lapps!

On the other end of the spectrum is my Finnbear .375 H&H Mag that has accompanied me through southern Africa and across the States, but alas, not to Fenno-Skandinavia!!


Reply author: Pettson
Replied on: 12/03/2005 12:49:04 PM

You're welcome LeeSpeed, whenever you're ready...

Yes, it is a nice little gun. Straight shooting, easy on the shoulder, and for it's ballistics very effective on small and medium game.
I looked at another one for sale just a couple of days ago. Early style with barrel band and Mauser style safety, the model I wanted to get from the beginning. But I passed on it, since I'm beginning to get used to the one I got...

Steve, understandable mistake, since the Varberger has an, hmmm, interesting history. Starting with the Finnish Lakelander, through the Norwegian Kongsberg version, and on to the Swedish Varberger, that was for a while under Norwegian ownership, but is now back in Swedish hands... A true Fenno-Scandinavian rifle...

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