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Bill Davis
Posted - 11/18/2003 : 01:09:17 AM
BTW you can actually shoot 6.5's in a 7.35. Don't RECOMMEND it, but it didn't hurt the rifle or the brass. I also have some 8X50R Steyr rounds like that, I got 'em in a big "grab bag" of ammo.

Posted - 11/18/2003 : 7:29:12 PM
Bill, I was wondering if 6.5 could be fired in the 7.35 rifle. I came to the same conclusion you did. I don't think it would hurt anything but the accuracy. Have you tried it?

Just posting today, 20th September 2007
I witnessed such a mistake. I can attest that all five rounds from 6,5 Prvi Partizan ammo *perfectly* fireformed into nice 7,35mm cases. The bullets did not even all hit a man-sized (old ISSF duel) target at 50 metres.
In contrast, when 6,5mm military surplus was fired, some of the case necks did split (they were between 50 and 70 years old), but ohers also fireformed to the new size.
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