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Your friend's revolver, chambered for .38 Special, will not blow up if fed a constant diet of +P ammunition - it will wear out quicker, most likely developing cylinder endshake (fore and aft movement of the cylinder at full lock up) sooner than it feed nothing but standard pressure ammo. How quick is a point of contention, but I believe he will find standard pressure ammunition easier on the wallet, ears and gun.

+P does mean more pressure, the max. allowable pressure as published by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manfacturer's Institute (SAAMI) for .38 Special is 17000 PSI, +P .38 Special is 18,500 PSI - U.S. Manufacturers adhere to these limits, and its important to note there are no published limits for +P+.

Your friend may find that his revolver is most accurate with 158gr standard velocity ammunition, that is what the factory regulated the sights for and its what most of my Model 10's shoot best.
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