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S&W 1899 Hand Ejector and friend

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Here are a couple Smith and Wesson's you don't see very often. On the left we have the S&W Perfected chambered in .38 S&W. Note it is a hinge frame with hinge and more traditional modern cylinder release as well. Designed and touted as a police gun this one was made around 1910. The sales pitch was if the criminal reached over top and tried to unlatch your revolver in a struggle, he would fail due to the secondary latch. These were made from 1909 to 1920.

To the right we have the S&W Hand Ejector of 1899 chambered in .38 Colt Long. This one of the 1000 made for the Army during the Spanish American war. Another 1000 were ordered by the Navy. Military markings are on the butt with lanyard. Note the lack of locking lug on the barrel found on later hand ejector models.

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Thanks for posting the photo of the neato Smith & Wessons. That's the kind of stuff I like to see. Did you ever send for a factory letter on either of them?
No I have not. Years ago a query to Mr. Jinks about a rare pre model 21, N frame .44 special was so worthless as to put me off paying for letters from Smith and Wesson. They could not tell me where it was shipped or production date and just gave me the dates of production of the model and roughly 1200 were made. Heck, I already knew that much... However the 1899 being a military contract gun might be worth the bother.
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