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I think you bid on Kellanite's 660. It went for $480 which is high for a RC. BUT it was a 1939 and was the highest one I've seen serial wise. So it is an exception to Law's book. Law says 17,000+ were made. So it is a "hard" to find code. That was a C block serial. So it is the new high serial.

That is why it went high. Also was in a Walnut stock, so it matched for a RC. :)

Some will pay that and do.

Empire won't that cheap either, but Dennis has nice stuff and you aren't bidding against others. Just trying to get there first is the key.
I'm just guessing here.....You mean "A" code---not "C" code correct?

Or it may be a badly struck "A" looking like a "C"

"C" would be a HUGE jump in serial numbers for a 660 1939 for sure, and I have never recorded a "B" block 1939 660 code yet either.

I just purchased a 8,000 something serial "A" letter block which is also beyond Law's numbers from a fresh K98 importation.

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