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I agree with SN1945, the price of R/C's is ridiculous. I was attempting to get a 660 coded rifle off of GB that was RC, but I quit once the bidding topped $350. It ended up going for around $550. Since that, I have all but given up trying to get one until I get my C&R (November when I hit 21) so I can order one for a reasonable price from Empire, Samco, or one of the other well reputable online sites that offers the handpick code/ bore selection. There is no way in Hades that I would pay more than $350 for an R/C. Makes me wonder if I put my Dou 44 r/c up for sale at a show how much I could get some idiot to pay for it. As I have said before, stupid people are going to be the end of the affordable R/C era. But then again, if I could find a chromed honor guard RC k98 or one with a gold plated bore and diamond receiver, maybe then I would pay what some of these half wits are.:)
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