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Russian TOZ 122?

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Anyone have or seen one? Whats your impression of it, accuracy etc..? Are the mags steel? Does the bolt use controlled feed or button ejector, how about teh scope mount do you like how works? I've been debating ordering one.
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have a look here

it's a review of the Toz 122 , no idea how good it is - my PC speakers are playing up LOL


I have read some reviews of TOZ 122 in local (Finnish) gun rags. The first review found it to be total POS, while the second one it was noted as being relatively ok for very basic cheap hunting rifle. Shooting accuracy wasn't too good in either test and quality was found to be so-so, but the price is very low as well. While back one of these magazines (Rekyyli = Recoil) also tested ten popular hunting rifles - others were Sauer, Sako, Tikka, CZ and Sabatti. TOZ 122 got least points of the 10 tested rifles and while all other rifles got total points within range of 30 - 45 points, TOZ got just 18.75 points. According article the 10 rifle test article TOZ 122 failed producing groups better than 95-mm (3.7-inch) from distance of 100 meters with any kind of ammo tested - that would be double to four times the group sizes produced by all other tested rifles. It also noted that closing the bolt was difficult (too tight) and reaching to trigger demands long fingers. Magazine was found reliable, but loading ammunition to them difficult and removal of magazine not easy due to small and poorly located release latch. Closing bolt on empty magazine demands pressing down from top of the magazine while closing bolt. While that commercial claims that barrel is free-floating the testers find out, the testers found out that it's wasn't.

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