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Seems to me , you have to play the game betwen your states laws and plain logic.

Laws....Alaska here allows FMJ's and 90% of the guys I hunt around are subsistance hunters.....that means we cut out the tounge cut off the head and throw it away. The meat and hids are the trophy.
I personally use a Sako M-39 with Czeck Silvertips, 147 grain, and they knock the life right outta Caribou, Moose, BrownBear, PolarBear and Ive seen a Whale finished with a mag full from a Mosin too.

Logic side....its where you shoot them, not What you shoot them with. Never did understand the idea behind "Knock down" power, if its Caribou, its strictly head and neck shots....Bears get it between the eye and ear, or the spine, no other shot works as well.
Shot placement is where its at, FMJ, soft point ...what ever hits the spot.
Dont expect a bullet to make up for poor shot placement, there are no "Magic" bullets, only a good ,solid , well placed shot.

I reccomend that you find the most accurate load, practise like a madman, and the results will be in your favor when the time comes.

I buy and use Surplus...its cheap, plenty full and does the job every time...load on Monday, shoot till Sunday.

If you have to use EXPENSIVE Commercial, might just as well buy as much as possible and reload your brass. Remington has always been the best I've seen and used...especcially in my .243Win. and .22LR

What do I know?

I raised 7 kids and a couple spare ones with 19 years of year round , full time Hunting on Ice , Tundra and across the waters of Arctic Alaska.... I've seen excellent results and I aint done yet.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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