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Russian Finnish Capture Dragoons

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Howdy All,
I have had these Dragoons for a few years . They are in good shape. I really don't know a lot about them. What can your guys tell me?

Mark Johnson
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Nice looking rifles - Here are a couple links to the parent site - In the Finnish section, look at the chart for the M91 rifles - See a section marked in the chart..."Dragoon/Cossack" You can see where in the 1950's there were some 5500 Dragoon/Cossack rifles in Finnish inventory - Not many in the grand scheme of things...

Dragoon rifles really interest me - I have managed to pick up a couple & I really like em!

They look very nice. I see one is a 1920 and the other is a 1931 which is rather scarce as its the last of the line literally with construction ending in 1930 and overflowing into 31. They looks to be very nice examples probabaly captured and used or bought from sale in the 1930's. I"d guess at the 31 being a capture and the 20 being more on a sale purcahse from the scouring of the who had guns efort of the Finns in the late 20's early 30's. They bought quite a few Mosins from Poland which had a little confrontation with Russia in the 20's and "borrowed" ten thousand guns or so. The middle picture I cant comment on the top item. It appears to be an wood elf judging by the camo but I could be wrong as I can not see its ears.
nice. a 1920 date isn't easy to find in a mosin. neither is a 1931 dated dragoon. both are well worth having in a collection, since dragoons are just not very common. Keith
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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