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Out shooting a type 99 rifle this morning and had this happen.
Little peppering to the face ,but the safety features worked!
I had Safety glasses on. This is a good reason for everyone to wear eye protection all the time when shooting.

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Two reasons ( K spit and M split)...Defective drawing of Brass-- followed by old age of Brass.
Second reason: .30/06 case is .470 diameter at head, Japanese 7,7 chamber is .476" Minimum ( case head) and more likely .477-8 actual.

So an old, weakend and defective case will certainly "Kaboom" , especially if loaded with #4831 ( IMT or Surplus?)...the correct Powder for 7,7x58 T99 cartridges is #4895, or more safely, #3031. ( with Recent .30 cal cases, pre-expanded by fire forming base with Tape centre-ing to allow full circumference expansion.

You are (un) Lucky the primer did ignite, and not "click---Bang!". The result could have been worse...

Using Pulled down cases, of uncertain origin, especially US wartime cases, is asking for trouble. OTH, of course there is a lot of 1930s (European) Ammo, such as 8x56R, which is perfectly OK to pull down, use the original Corrosive primes, reform to 8x50R or 8x52R Siamese, without any problenmms at all...and then still (berdan) reload them after a good shoulder-Neck anneal...

Your were lucky it was in a T99...its strength protected you ( and the safety glasses as well)

Once Bitten....A word to the wise.

Doc AV
( first loaded for T99 back in 1967-- Israeli 1955 7,9 cases, Fire formed and annealed, new primers, #4895 Powder, 174 grain Mark VII (.311) pulled .303 Br. FMJs...Two Inch water pipe at 100 metres, 98% hits...By the way, the T99 was a substitute Late war Version, with Fix aperture sight.. Cases still in my workshop, now only used for Cast Lead .311"s, after 20 or so reloads with Ball FMJ)
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