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To make use of this board you must read, understand, and agree to the following. By using this board you are by default stating that you have read, understood, and agree to the rules and standards below.

These are the updated and revised terms of use in regards to the Trader section. This revision has been posted to make the rules clearer for new users and simpler to follow. This site is one of oldest gunsites on the Internet and has always operated under simple and concise rules, but as the site has grown it has become clear there is a need to revise certain sections of the rules we have set in place. These rules will be enforced immediately as there is no grace period.

If you are a gun dealer, militaria dealer, pawn shop owner, or run a commercial business that is related to items that might be listed on this site, and you are not a sponsor, you are not allowed to post items for sale or trade on these boards. While the boards are a free service to the members the site itself does not run itself for free. Just as you could not list for free in Shotgun News, Guns Digest, or like publications you may not post for free on these boards.
We have a number of very affordable sponsorship rates which will allow trader posting so contact Tuco or Vic if you are interested in becoming a Gunboards Sponsor.

This is not an auction site and posting a link to an online or a more traditional auction is not allowed. This includes posting an auction so that you may have your pictures shown. You had to load your pictures for your auction, you must load your pictures here just the same. You may also post an email address or alternative site that is not an auction site for people to view your pictures.

If you have an item to sell then you must state a price. This is not a site to solicit offers. It is allowed to state something such as price is $250 or best offer, but there has to be a price listed. If you do not know of a price to sell your item, we have plenty of very informative forums for you to post a question about the value of your item(s). People will be very happy to help you with this information. Ads that do not have a price will be deleted.

4. WTS or WTT or WTS/WTT
These title descriptors must be used – Wanted To Sell – Wanted To Trade. Be clear in the title of your listing. If you do not put this in the title, you will be asked to do so. If you do not place this in your title, your ad will be removed by one of the Moderators.

This is not a discussion board and is not to be used as one. Possible reasons for unwanted chit chat:
A. Asking price - If you do not like an individual’s asking price, it is not your place to post that the price is too high. Do not comment.
B. Seller does not know the items value - there are forums to help them out. Report the post to the Trader Moderators. This is one of the many reasons for the post-reporting feature. Do not comment.
C. Seller does not have a price listed – report the post to the Trader Moderators. The problem will be fixed. Do not comment.
D. Commenting because you cannot help yourself or cannot resist the urge - Send them a PM or e-mail.
UNLESS THE COMMENTS ARE DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE PURCHASE OR TRADE OF A LISTING ITEM, THEY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. NONE. ZERO. NADA – Clear enough? If after all this clarifying and you must make a comment, you will receive an infraction.

This has become a real problem and seems to the rule ignored the most. There is limited space on the front page of this board and in most cases the items that sell the fastest are listed on the front page. As such, it is not fair to have one member make a number of postings dominating the front page of the board. If you have a number of items to sell you must combine the listings into one ad. If you make a sales posting and your first posting is still active (meaning the item did not sell) you cannot make a new listing of another item for 48 hours after the initial listing.
We will allow (2) two postings per week from standard site users of active listings. This does not apply to items that have been listed and are sold – Meaning if you list an item on Monday and it sells Monday night you are allowed to post another sales item on Tuesday.

7. BUMPING or BACK TO TOP Bumping or Back to Top(BTT) is allowed, but only by the following guideline:
A. Bumping back to the top will only be allowed starting 7 days (one Week) from the date of the original posting and then every 7 th. day after that.

Excess use of this type of post is not fair to new ad posters who are trying to sell their items. A comment will be considered a bump when an intentional comment, knowing that your ad will be brought to the top, appears. Messages that will be considered a bump include, but are not limited to, the following:
A. “Prices Reduced!”
B. “Act fast, items going quickly!”
C. “Sent PMs to all who inquired.”(If PMs were answered, all those who sent PMs will have your message in their in box. They will already know you replied!)

All these, and others deemed equivalent by the Trader Moderators, will be considered a bump or back to top (BBT).

You are allowed only 4 "BTT" type posts per month. End of discussion. If you abuse it your ad will be deleted and an infraction will be issued. 3 such infractions in a 90 day period will result in a loss of Trader privildges. The Moderators on the Trader will monitor such activity and enforce it. If you do not like it-sell it somewhere else.

If an item(s) sell, please mark these as sold. If an item does not sell and you have decided you no longer wish to have the item listed – you must update your ad stating the item is no longer available.

If you do not have a valid email account then your posting will be removed.
Sellers - Important Information - Email Listing
Some people that use free email systems are having issues with the automatic email replies here. This is due to the fact some email services will read Gunboards replies as SPAM. As such, it is a good idea to list your email in any sales posting - just to make sure you get the contact sent by potential buyers. If you choose not to do so, do at your own risk and your item may remain unsold.

These may not be listed without the permission of Tuco or Vic.

There might be certain exceptions of these rules – Items such as books on history or military history are more than welcome to be listed. There are other exceptions, but if in doubt send Tuco or Vic a private message and ask their permission.
Items such as medals, tunics, helmets, rifle parts, slings, unit histories, military maps, military photos, military posters (or like items), military insignia, spotting scopes, binoculars, cleaning kits and cleaning accessories, holsters, mess kits, military belts, canteens, military footwear, flak vests, and similar items are welcome.
Sporting goods such as tents, fishing gear or tackle, or the like are not allowed in The Trader. These items are appropriate for the Non-Firearm or Related Trader.
If you have posted an ad in the wrong Trader, your ad will be moved and there will be a re-direct to the new location for a period of (24) hours. After that, the re-direct will expire, it will not be listed in the inappropriate Trader, and your ad will still be located in the appropriate Trader.

No one may post links or information on sales to non sponsors of

You must use ONE and only ONE username for listings on these boards. Anyone found to be listing under more than one name will be removed from the site.

This is related to the no comments rule above but if you decide to use this board as a sounding board or as your own personal whining area – YOU WILL BE REMOVED. Show the proper respect to other users and moderators at all times or action will be taken. There are Positive and Negative Feedback Forums for all Trader transactions and this is the only board to be used for positive or negative comments about a seller, trader, or buyer. Otherwise, it does not belong here.

15. NO SWEARING IS ALLOWED. Why one would feel the need to swear in an ad listing is beyond us, but it has taken place. Ads with foul language will be deleted without warning.

As some people just cannot seem to grasp how these boards work, unfortunately there are still some areas that need to be covered. As such please keep reading.

The use of this site is not a right but a privilege. If you break the rules your posting(s) will be deleted without warning. Moderators will not contact you and state why a posting is removed as our stance is that if your posting was removed, you broke a rule. So there is not a need to explain any further. If we deem you a problem user your account can be suspended or revoked without warning. The rules are clear and if you disregard the rules action will be taken. You can appeal such a suspension with Tuco or Vic ONLY, as they are the only administrators that have the power to grant an appeal.

********************GENERAL DISCLAIMER********************, those that work for, Site Sponsors, the Site Server, the Site Administrators, the Site Moderators, and anyone associated with the running of are not responsible to any listings made in any of Gunboards Trader-Classified Ads-Sponsor Boards. We do not stand behind any sellers nor buyers, so buy, sell, or trade at your own risk.
We are not responsible for the accuracy of any listings made on these boards. If you buy a lemon or a misrepresented item, do not complain to us. All buyers, traders, and sellers agree to comply with all local, state, federal, and international laws in regards to items sold on the Gunboards Trader-Classified Ads-Sponsor Boards. It their duty and responsibility to ensure that all such laws are followed at all times.

************************************************** **************

These rules are simple and clear. We have gone to great lengths to explain these in detail, so there are no gray areas. Administrators and Site Moderators will enforce these rules and will not tolerate those that think they are above the site regulations. Administrators and Site Moderators do not wish to delete postings, suspend members, or take like actions, but they all understand this is part of their duties. They have accepted these duties and will perform their duties to ensure the running of this site.

We are glad to have you here and this Trader is a wonderful place to sell, trade, or buy items for your collection. Have fun - just follow the rules.

Vic and Tuco
Owners Of
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