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I have shot some out of my 10/22. Fed fine out of my magazine. Seemed a little "dirty" when I shot them and accuracy was ok. Fed fine in my barrel which is a ER Shaw bull barrel not a bentz chamber. I get better accuracy out of the federal 510 from walmart. A lot cheaper too. Check out If has been done or thought about being done they have done it here.

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Sorry to step in.

If I should start a new thread, please say so--I'm not here to steal this conversation. My problem is I just bought a Stainless 10/22 because I have concentrated on others (AK,AR, XP,etc.etc). I want a couple of highcap mags for this. What works that will last? I've heard Eagle is best, but I have no idea.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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