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The receiver crest is Spanish Air Force. The rifle is an M1944. I don't know what the buttplate marking is.

It is not a Polish K98 or a German K98k or a Yugo M48.

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Whilst Spain from 1939-1975 was Nominally a Kingdom, it was actually a One-Party State dictatorship ( the Falange Party)and it was commanded by General Francisco Franco y Bahamonde ("Franco") without an enthroned/crowned King.
The actual Heir ( Don Carlos) to the throne had no powers or position, and his Son, Don Juan de Asturias, eventually was proclaimed King after Franco's Death (of old age) in 1975; and Spain became officially Constitutional Monarchy ( Socialist originally, now sort of Central Democrat European style).

The "Crown" marking was maintained in Spain during this Period, as the abolition of the Monarchy in 1934 by the Socialist Republicans caused the Army to mutiny in 1936, under the command of Franco ( and the SCW followed for 4 years)
Having Won the SCW, the new Franco Gov't re-established the Monarchical Institution, but held it in abeyance, any continuation of the Kingdom with a Crowned King.

So the Term "Royal Spanish etc" whilst Technically correct, is NOT used by Gun collectors nor, in the Main, Historians...the 39-75 period is usually just referred to as the "Franco Era". Before 1934, "Royal" can ( and is) used in reference to the
Kingdom of Spain's Armed Forces...

Now the Rifle:
A very Good example of a M1944 Ejercito del Aire ( Army of the Air==Airforce) with what looks like a late 1960s original sling ( may be a CETME sling?). Serial # starts "EA xxxxx"

These rifles were assembled from Receivers of SCW Mausers (Gew98M, Polish Vz29, Czech Vz24, etc) left over after the SCW. These Parts were scubbed(mostly) and re-assembled into a Usable Rifle with some Spanish-Made Minor Parts; the Majority of the Parts were of Foreign Origin.

After having started the Manufacture of the M43 (Army) Rifle, it was found more economical to hurriedly convert some of the other (SCW) Mausers into small quantity needed by the Airforce ( and also the Navy, but I have not seen a Particular "Navy" ( Armada in Sp.)-marked Mauser Rifle, of either old or new manufacture after the SCW.

The Give-away of the "Parts" Nature of the M44 is the Rear sight sleeve and components...usually coming from German-supplied Gew98M ( Refurbed WW I Gew98s, with New Kar98k type rear sights and occasionally new Barrels)

The Sights, made by Mauser in 1934 and 35 ( S42/K or S42/G) and the Sight slide bar with "H" type acceptance Proofs ( and Later, Weimar WaA numbers and "folded Weimar Eagles") and the Nature of some of the other Parts ( the Wz29 Frint sight guards (ears) denote the sources of a lot of the Parts.

A well-Put together rifle, accurate within its Usage Range ( AirForce Ground Guards, etc) and with most Parts interchangeable with the Earlier M43 Made in Spain, most of the M44s will be found in better to VG condition compared to the more
Regular used M43s ( Insurgencies in Morocco and Mauretainia, 1950s to 1970); except for the Volunteer "Division Azul" ( Blue Division) which served with he Germans on the Russian Front ( and armed with Kar98ks), Spain was officially "Neutral" in WW II (although sympatethic to the Nazi cause).

Good find. Will Make a good shooter in unchanged state. If you wish to scope, a "NoDrill" SK mount will fit the rearsight bed; this will not destry any collectability...just don't lose the rear sight Parts...!!!
Rifle is sighted for 198 grain ("sS" 7,9mm) ammo-- best milsurp is FNM 1970s, and nowadays, PrviPartizan 7,9 Heavy FMJ. ( Both Non-corrosive.

If you must use 1950s-70s Yugoslav, or Pre- and during WW II German ammo ( all corrosive), clean well by the warm soapy water method immediately on the same day after shooting, then Hoppe's#9 and light oil:

The water takes out the corrosive salts, the Hoppe's takes out any Metal (copper/Nickel) Fouling, and the Oil preserves the barrel in storage.

Good shooting.

Doc AV.
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