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My Romanian Cugir made SAR-1 didn't have a box or ANY paperwork. The store owner just had a bunch on a rack, & I picked a good one - not one hiccup in the 20 some years I've had it. I chose not to keep the original furniture & a few other pieces, in order to swap (& sell) for upgrades & the correct # of USA made bits to make up for Romanian right side Folding stock & etc. Mine had an annoying trigger slap - so one of the things weeded out was the original trigger for a better USA made trigger group. Also using a plastic USA upper & lower fore end & pistol grip. + MIL TECH peep sight kit that included rear recoil spring Tower & Dust cover.
Although I treasure & maintain my Sar-1 well - I'm not exactly a collector. At the time I bought it - I was a one rifle owner - a pre WWII Winchester 30-30 lever action. After my first trip to the range - I decided I didn't need the Winchester any longer.
Even with the Steel side folding stock - recoil was never painful - owing to the semi auto action - a real revelation.
Now that I am 76 I find the Zenit 4x24 lighted military scope with the 7.62x39 reticle to be a great help for my elderly eyes. A couple of years ago I purchased a Romanian Cugir Made 7.62x54R PSL Rifle & made a few improvements to it.
I really enjoy both of them - they are surprisingly accurate.


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