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I love the finger grooves ! How cool ! Did you do those yourself .I would love to have a set done.
I did those myself. Pretty easy, took about 1 hr for the first and 40 minutes after. Get a comfortable grip on the forend, use a pencil and mark the top and bottom of each finger. Using the large sanding barrel from my dremel sanded in almost 1/4" then left and right to just short of each pencil mark and just a little front and back. Finished with 220 grit or finer hand sand.
Originally I was going to cut the forend grip off, so, I felt that if I messed up no big deal. If you are unsure of trying this I would recomend trying it on a piece of wood with similar demensions first.

I've got a couple of sets to do. Can you elaborate on the use of dyes?

I'm not a professional wood worker, but I have found that using dyes give me better control of the color or evenness of color. Sratches don't show up as dark streaks. Dents stand out less. If it looks to dark I can easily remove some with a alcohol rag or apply more within a few minutes of application.

Dyes can either be water base or alcohol base. You can use wood dyes, leather dyes or mix your own from Rit Dye. The pics I posted was using Behlen's Solar-lux mahogany red, 1 teaspoon of dye, 1 teaspoon of denatured alcohol, applied two coats with a cotton ball. Dry in 15 minutes.
Below is a pic to show difference in color using the same dye-medium brown fiebing's leather.
Far left sar1, light color. 2nd left birch heavy application. The other two are different colors of dye.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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