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Romanian SKS ejection problem

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I am having a problem with my Romanian SKS. The bolt does not always come all the way back. Sometimes it doesn't lock back on the last round and sometimes it doesn't fully eject the spent round. A search revealed that many have had this problem with the gas valve on the yugo models with the grenade launcher valve. The Romanian does not have this. I have throughly cleaned the gas system and checked the chamber for smoothness and all looks good. The whole gun including the inards looks like new. HELP!
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How tight is the gas tube can you move it much from front to back. Is the recoil spring in correctly kinked end going into back of the bolt carrier. Did you remove the short rod under the rear sight housing clean it out and repack the rod and spring with some grease. Also does all the parts have matching numbers.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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