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I do not think those rifles have any US parts at all. The attached post indicates they were modified to exclude adding a pistol grip. nit sure exactly what that nmod is ior how simple to overcome. You can enlarge the mag well for high cap mags. You will need 5 US parts. Fire control group (3) pistol grip (1) if you can figure out how to mount it? and US magazine floorplate and/or follower (2) or all US furniture (3).

Here is a 922r worksheet you can fill out to see what you need to be compliant.

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From what i understand they are a little harder to convert to hi-cap than the wasr 10. Is there anyplace I could send it to get it converted?

They were recommended to me by a highly respected gunboards member.

They do Saiga conversions, etc. I talked to them about WASR conversions and they said "no problem". So, the Romak might be a wee bit harder, but certainly within their capabilities.

As their web page reads: "You dream it, we build it."

They are currently backlogged with work.

Call or email and they'll give you a ballpark cost/time estimate. The sooner you send it, the sooner you get it back.

Will congress and the Mighty "O" ban conversions/manufacture ? Most people are betting on it.
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