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My apologies for the terse replies and scant pictures.. My wife had the computer, and my phone was not cooperating as it should.

Now that I have the time and means to properly reply- The gun is a mismatch, or rather a force match. The stock is overstamped to match the gun, the bolt is a earlier cross proofed one, ground at the root and stamped to match, and the forward action screw has a cross. Everything else is a Breda star. The grind and renumber on the bolt has the same patina as the rest of it.

I found it in "as brought back" condition in a hole in the wall shop in NH a few years ago. Unrepaired duffel cut, cracks all through the action area of the stock, dings and gouges everywhere. Price was less than half what they were going for on Gunbroker, so I am pretty confident this one hasn't been monkeyed with. Even if it was, I certainly got my money's worth.

See pictures below. I can do more tomorrow, I have the day off, and the light will be better.
N White,

I have a M03/14/27 and with the exception of the German depot marking it is exactly as you describe. ROMA mark on the stock, stock number and force matched bolt in exactly the same places and manner and just like your's the rifle also even has an unrepaired duffle cut! If needed I cannot post some pictures as soon as I can.
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