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Breda Had a Facility in Rome ( look at BM59s Made by Breda for the Italian Gov't)

Can't read the rest of the stamp above the "Roma"...the rifle ( captured and/or acquired from Austria WW I, refurbished by Breda for "sale" to Greece in the 1920s ( hence the Breda disguise) The rifles could have been "checked over"
by the Centro Riparazioni Artigleria Esercito ROMA ( which Manufactured M91s in 1917-18), either during WW I or soon after; or the Breda factory in Rome could have done the checking over and "Refurbish/disguise" work. Breda was (and is still) a very Large Vertically integrated Engineering company, starting off with Locomotive construction in the 1860s, and expanding to Steel Mills, Ordnance Production (incl.Small arms, mostly MGs and MKs) and General engineering.

Doc AV
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