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Rollingblock shotgun question

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I'm looking at the Swede RB shotguns coming in right now and would love to get one for duck hunting here in north Dakota. My questions are, do these have choked barrels? My model 20's barrels are all heavily choked which is great for sharptails and waterfowl. Second, if I decide to get a gun with a poor bore and line the barrel down to the next gauge do you think it will handle regular target/bird loads if I chamber it to 70mm or will the action stretch? The pressure of the original 12.7x44 round was 11760 psi psi and Max pressure for a modern 12ga shell is 11400 psi so I assume it would be fine I'm only looking at commercial action guns. If lined it would make a great heavy duck gun but not much of an upland gun.
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Yes, they are choked, but I do not know the range of constrictions used for all the different model RB shotguns. I have used a choke gauge to measure two Husqvarna 12 ga and they were both a tight full choke. Whether or not an RB shotgun is going to be able to handle modern loads is going to depend on the year they were made and if the receiver isn't stretched already. The various models date from the 1870s to 1949 and if it was a later shotgun, later meaning 1920s-1940s period, It might be okay, but personally I would not be running loads generating contemporary pressures through one. I have seen rolling block shotguns with stretched frames. These guns probably dated to the early 1900s and both had non-Damascus barrels.
As far as lining the barrel I have no experience in that with rolling blocks.
Where are you seeing this RB shotguns coming in? They have been pretty scarce.
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