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…with a milsurp cleaning rod.

We are having snow at the moment and the kids wanted a fire. Wife said “oh we should roast some marshmallows too.” Instant seconding of this idea from the little ones. Crap. Would you believe I had not a single stick or skewer around suited for the purpose?

Then, desperation or brilliance strikes. “You know, self, we always joke about using a bayonet, and well, you do have some parts guns in the basement. You don’t suppose………”

Sure enough. That type 38 in the corner completely covered in rust. It may be rough, it may be missing half its stock, but it does possess one redeeming feature. A full length cleaning rod. Bring it upstairs and hit it with the dish sponge to scour most of the rust. I even stuck the business end in a pot of boiling water to test out that restoration technique du jour. Done. The world’s most interesting marshmallow skewer. Actually it looks about 800% better than it did before. I almost hated to hold it over the flames. It did the trick perfectly. “I love it when a plan comes together!”

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