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After learning that the Danish military ammunitions factory, Ammunitionsarsenalet, loaded special hunting loads for the Danish King Christian X, 8 x 58R rifle, using Mannlicher hunting bullet, I went through my collection of older Danish cartridges, and found that I had two, 1928 vintage 8 x 58R cartridges with factory soft point bullets.

Made by "HL", Haerens Laboratorium (Army's Laboratory)

Bullet weight: 195 grain Round Nose Soft Point with a cannelure, and .322 in diameter, compared for the .323 diameter for the pathern 1908 spitzer bullet.

Powder: Appears to be the standart powder for the Danish Armoury loaded powder, of flat square type powder, 41.5 grain, which compared to the standart load for the pathern 1908 spitzer bullet of 198 grains, and 46.5 grains powder, is a reduced and mild load (fit for a King ?)

Primer is stamped with a "NP"

In addition to the HL and 1928 stamps, these cartridges is also stamped with "V.I. 27"

There are no other stamping on these two cartridges that indicate reloads.

Could these two Danish factory 8 x 58R hunting cartridges be as the same, as the hunting cartridges supplied to the late Danish King Christian X ?
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