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The local show was a prime hunting ground for the Mosinitis afflicted individual this weekend and I ended up with three more rifles for the collection. One I have already posted. Now I bring you rifle number 2. Nothing really rare or special, just a nice example of a M38 carbine, still in an original M38 stock. I already had a M38, but this one is nicer, my other is on a M44 stock, and the price was too good to pass up, especially as carbine prices continue to trend up.

On thing I wasn't crazy about was the huge billboard import mark, but I was willing to live with it.

The receiver shows the typical rough finish for the time period. The bolt and magazine floor plate and electro penciled.

It's kinda hard to see in this photo, but this rifle also has the triangle 25 marking.

Both the nose and the butt stock have repairs. The front is pretty subtle and very well done. I missed it at first.

The last and one of the best selling points of this particular rifle is the bore. It is clean, well-defined, and very bright. One of the best bores I've seen on a Mosin-Nagant. She has been counter-bored and I expect it to be a good shooter. I was going to buy this rifle before seeing the bore, but it sealed the deal.

I'll get #3 up as soon as I can get some decant pictures of it.
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